• Frequently Asked Questions


    Can I register for a class if I'm not an ACTRA member?

    Yes, it's possible to register for our classes based on experience. It is recommended to be registered with ACTRA since it can be a requirement to be working in some line of business. However, it is not mandatory to be with ACTRA to take our classes. If you are unsure about which class to take, considering your previous experience, you can write to us at academie@syllabes.com or call us at 514-363-0463 #213. We'll be able to guide you through this process.


    My child has less than 10 years. Can I register him/her to a class with Syllabes Academy?

    Our classes are for children/teenagers over 10 years old only. However, it is suggested you contact us to check if your child would be eligible to some of our classes. It will mainly depend on the chosen class and your child's previous experiences.


    Can I do the online classes even if I don't have a home studio?

    Yes, it's possible to follow our online classes without a home studio. We recommend to have access to a basic home studio equipment. However, you can follow our classes on a computer with camera and a microphone (integrated in the computer or a headphone).