• Our workshops

    Syllabes offers targeted Workshops to introduce you to a new discipline or perfect your knowledge in video game, commercial voice over, animation, etc. Learn with the best directors and professors active in the field !


  • Workshops

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  • Introduction to Videogame Voice Over

    1 Online class + 2 classes in studio

    Duration : 8 hours

    Group : 2 students / 4 students (online class #1)


    Prerequisite : The student most have a microphone and a computer with caméra for the 1st class.

    Commercial Voice Over Workshop

    In studio

    Duration : 4 hours

    Group : 2 students

  • Gyms and private classes

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  • Private classes

    Syllabes now offers the possibility to train in private classes!


    Private classes :





    Commercial Voice Over



    Duration : 2 hours

    Group : 1 student



    Syllabes offers the possibility to practice dubbing in studio. Practice solo and duo scenes! A technician will be there to assist you during your practice session!






  • Register for our Workshops

    For more informations or to register for a class, please contact us directly.

    514-363-0463 #213



    Lessons to come :

    Contact us at 514-363-0463 #213 or at academie@syllabes.com to register for a class.

  • Registration terms

    Registration and payments
    The full payment has to be made when registering for a class. The registration is confirmed only when the payment has been made. The spot is then reserved to the student.
    The payment has to be made by credit card, on the phone.
    If the student register for a class but the class can't be held (ex : The Academy doesn't have the minimum registrations required to held to class), the student will be fully reimbursed.
    If the student cancel his class less than 10 days before the 1st class, his payment will not be reimbursed.

  • Guidelines for your home studio

    • Computer (PC or MAC)
    • Stable Internet connexion, avoid wi-fi, prioritize Internet via a cable
    • USB soundcard (Ex. : Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB)
    • Microphone + Anti-pop (Ex. : Rode NT1A)
    • XLR cable for your soundcard (if not on USB).
    • Closed dynamic headphones (Ex.: Audio-Technica ATH-M20X)
    • A room with less ambiant noise (ex : no windows)
    For more informations, you can contact us at academie@syllabes.com. We'll be glad to help you out!
    *Indicative suggestions only : Not required for our online workwhops